I’m Julie Lardner

I write professionally for the beauty and wellness industry. I come to this with many years of experience as an industry educator and business building consultant.

In my many years in the beauty industry, I’ve learnt a lot and this much I know is true; How you communicate is just as important as every other skill you develop.

It’s how you’ll escalate your business and reach your goals. 

Where it all began?

I got my start in the beauty and skincare industry as a qualified skin therapist well over 20 years ago. I know! From humble beginnings in a small beauty salon in Adelaide to eventually moving to Sydney and working for stellar brands like Ella Bache, Ultraceuticals, Rationale and Environ Skincare.

Working for these brands has sharpened my skills in sales, marketing, business building and industry education and communication.  Every step of the way, words have been my business; selling an idea, or a product or a promotional concept and giving business owners just like you, those same words and ideas to breathe life into their business. 

Your business needs copywriting. 

What’s Copywriting? Well, it’s all the words you use in your business to sell who you are. The all-important writing you wished you had time for but usually don’t because you’re busy doing all-the-things in your business and still trying to keep a balanced life.

Good writing will grab your client’s attention by making a great first impression before they’ve even walked through the doors of your business or made their first purchase. 

But how can I help you? 

You’re a beauty salon or skin clinic.  Or, a skincare brand.

I’ve been working with businesses just like yours for many years, creating the words and communication that light up a business. I can do the same for you. 

Do you really need this?

You’re spending so much time in your business you barely have enough time to keep your social media up-to-date let alone everything else. 

The overwhelm you feel when the to-do list just keeps growing  makes you want to run and hide, and when it comes to promoting your business you feel stuck not knowing which idea to implement and how to express it.

With so little time it feels almost impossible. 

If you’re a business owner trying to get everything done, then the answer is a big YES you do need this.

Perhaps it’s time to ask for help?

I can help you market and promote your business through written communication using the right words to describe your services and products. Your client needs to know you, trust you and understand your unique story. In a nutshell? All the reason why they should choose you.

Still curious? 

Have you ever wondered where you fit into an industry that’s become so segmented and specialised? What’s your unique story? How are you going to stand out and be memorable? 

Together we can discover  your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and find the right words to express it and attract your perfect customer and keep them. 

Because writing good copy aimed at your ideal client can help you find the best way to communicate your own unique story and create a communication strategy to single you out from the crowd and attract the clients you want who absolutely love you. 

It’s a communication and content strategy that makes you memorable and tells people who you are, what you business offers and and why it’s so special.

Good writing reflects your brand.

It’s the reason why customers will choose you. 

I’m ready to help you find your unique voice and finally be heard above all the noise.  You’re great at what you do and everyone should know it!

All you have to do is get in touch by clicking on the link below and we’ll work the rest out from there. 

P.S. You can get in touch with me here.